LOI season 2018


Johnny Ward reckons the Saudis are investing in Galway Utd…


16 year old kid starting in goal for Shamrock Rovers this evening.


Like AC Milan


He can’t be any worse than the other guys you’ve had play in goal this season.



Mannus must be in soon though


He’s eligible after the break according to the commentator on Eir last week, no harm giving the youngfella a go for the 2 games before the break.


house in swords i believe
is tomer gone?
Horgan on bench last night


what can possibly go wrong
love the way good old gossip monger UI maine states that the saudis were previously involved in “clubs” but wont name them or comment on who the investors are
id say any fella with 50 pound in his pocket could take over an LOI first div club- ure only inheriting debt


That goes for any premier club as well I’d imagine. You’d be asking what they’d give you to take it off their hands. Would a couple of mill get you to the CL group stages I wonder? If you assembled the best of the LOI and got the right draw you nearly would. I reckon you could make a profit from LOI if you had the money to burn in the first place



pity he couldnt stay for the opening rounds of the Europa league
interesting to see what they’ll do with the cash


1 - 1 at Oriel with about 20 minutes to go.

Sheppard should really have put Cork ahead there.


Pats closing in on 6th defeat in a row.
Worrying times




Injury time og from McLoughlin gives Dundalk the win and put them on top by 2 points.

Good second half.


Sets up a huge last round. Game in TC will be massive now


have away fans officially started the boycott of that dump?
i noticed tonite there were very few from cork up there so im guessing it has started
in fairness @chops91 was up there the night before the beast from the east landed in march
ive never been in an away section like it, is there even a toilet there now? there has been no shop for years


I was there a couple of years back when Shels drew them in the cup, if anything it’s got worse. What gets me is the seats that are drilled into the ground, they are a few inches off the ground. Were they made for midgets or leprechauns?


@Funtime started on plod in protest of the conditions there


FAO of @Bandage @Rocko and all forum Scots who are attending the Cobh Ramblers and Aberdeen test match tomorrow
The game will now take place at Fota Island Resort and not St, Colman’s Park
Cobh wont be back from Drogheda until around 3-30 AM so they have a quick turnaround