LOI season 2018


LOI punditry is superb lads

Alan Cawley
Brian Kerr
Stuey Byrne
an excellent trio

Paul Corry is outstanding also


first time since 2003 CCFC loose 3 on the bounce


Did you ever come across caulfield in you travels in Munster senior league. I played against his Avondale team. He seemed alright. A few of the Avondale lads I know had a lot of time for him


yeah i did - i met him a few times and i remember him down a few nites at training if mick devine was around- erra just chatting
you are right- most people consider him to be a very good boss and very protective of his players
not really sure what is going on there at the mo- very strong noises he has lost the dressingroon
he would be very parochial john, id say hed prefer a team of xi corkmen - i could see him turning on sheppard and a few more


He’s harsh alright on his players but by Christ Avondale were fit and superbly organised.

It’s not pretty when a cork lad turns against you as an outsider


how many intermediate cups did they win? they were unreal
he’d never be able to manage another LOI club- maybe Cobh, but never a dublin team- it wouldnt be in him
Patsy Freyne, Derek Coughlan- they were all of the same ilk - city only- those 2 lads both tried to fit in elsewhere but they never could


They won a rake of them. Under numerous gaffers.

You wouldn’t want to be soft in senior soccer in Cork. They can be vicious even with their own.


its a very high standard at home allright
even when we were growing uo the local 7 a side soccer tournaments (street leagues almost( that the gaurds organised during the summer to keep us out of trouble were more important than the GAA
i remember playing a local semi final at u-16 over an east cork championship gah match v glenville-
sunday football at home to this day is very serious - even AUL soccer


When I got old and slow I ended up in AUL with a few notions.

I wasnt long about losing them


ah we all do,
i never played AUL as an ould lad but played equiviant in kildare – however the games were a joke - was never that way with Springfield !!!
highest standard i played was Collingwood- that’s serious football - then MSL , was on bench 3 times for LOI at athlone, home v Harps and away to Longford in abbeycarton,
MSL is a higher quality than LOI first div , the physicality of LOI 1st div is horrible tho, rotten football- i was there when billy woods smashed a pal of mines leg in a pre season, these are the tackles you see


I actually shared a dressing room with Billy when he was winding down. We had to install a mirror for the fucker.

Played Collingwood myself and it was very tough. Played Limerick FC u-18 but never made senior. MSL then Aul.

I played premier in Limerick as well. The top 4 teams in junior in Limerick would be as strong as most of MSL premier.

Had a right few run ins with Springfield. Played with carrigtwohill and we’d more cobh lads then springield.

Wanderers were making a right go of it a couple of years ago.


Won a Munster Junior League medal with Midleton back in the day, very good level of football. Subbed with the seniors and trained with them too, serious level.


Backpage of the Sun going with “Caul over bar the shouting” :laughing:


1-1 at half time at Stadium of Light at half time
Pats took early lead with Campion header
Pats on top for first 20, Bohs got back into and worth their equalizer
Decent game


Bohs deservedly win 3-1
Ali Reghba who was up front for them looks a very tidy player - know nothing about him. Could be one to keep an eye on


bohs are on some run
please god they win that cup semi final v CCFC


andy boyle was center half today for Dundee as they lost 3/0 to daryl horgan’s hibs


dave macmillan scored for st johnstone last week v aberdeen


Liam Buckley gone from Pats.

Cc @Ralphie