LOI season 2018


He was called
He served
He is counted
7 years is a fair stretch at any club. Last years flirtation with relegation was start of the end, club needs the money if European football
Decent sort by all accounts
Be interesting to see who gets the job.


Fine crowd of 2926 in for this Cup semi final


Disgraceful penalty awarded there to bail out Caulfield’s Cork.


Defo a pen
How did the game finish



Debateable penalty but no need to make that tackle .


Caulfield the prick



It was a penalty all day long


it’s a free out if anything. Dundalk player wins the ball and McCarthy boots him. Shocking decision


+1 You can’t be flying in with your leg up like that


What? His leg that was up was no where near the player and got the ball … The Cork lad kicked the Bohs player ffs :rofl:


Didn’t see the game tonight
Pity Super Saints couldn’t see it out
Dundalk deserved champions

Not looking forward to looking at loads of Bohs related tweets congratulating themselves on traveling to an away cup replay


lads sorry for the lack of posting at the business end- im in right trouble at the mo and havent time
suprised to see the lack of posts praising UCD - that performance on TV v oriel was best we;ve seen in a while
the relatively unknown players to look out for thread should have been packed :slight_smile:
god they play ball

what a horrible season
dundalk stumbling over the line summed it up - no actually them winning the league on a loosing game would have been more appropriate
Hoban - well done top scorer but i cant get out of my head how bad he was v AEK , so one paced and this is our top scorer, we;ve regressed lads- europe was shambolic also
hope the BSC do it tomorrow night- one of the few proper clubs in the league
a horrible season
we’re at an ebb as low as 2006- 2008 when most of the teams hit the wall i think

keep her lit boys


Some Bohs crowd down in Cork tonight, I hope City bate them.


Poor old Bohs are starved for success, terribly excited about this.


37’ CCFC 2-0 BFC


What a fucking goal :astonished:


My word what a goal from Ian Morris. 2-1 now


Absolute screamer!

Well done to the lino for giving it too, often they do nothing in situations like that.