Long Live the King

Anthony Stokes’ public house in Fairview, Dublin has barred the Royal Family from the establishment:


Is it true that Lizzy’s visit to Dublin is scheduled for the day before the Europa cup final that might possibly feature Rangers?

What a wonderful spectacle that promises to be.

Great banner. :lol:

Ah that’s magnificent from Stokes and family. Saw a brief article on it earlier and presumed it was an A4 page sellotaped up behind the bar or something but that’s a great statement.

Kevin Myers rattled :lol:


A fool and their money are parted :rolleyes: <_<

John Stokes on Liveline now

That is pathetic.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Well done to the Stokes family.

The inferiority complex will never be gone it seems.

Elizabeth isn’t the worst in fairness. She handled the Diana funeral with a lot of dignity despite the media onslaught.


Yet another piece of class from that noble family name.

‘While the IRA bomb our cities, Dr Paddy Hillary is barred from this pub’ The Red Lion, Birmingham.

What’s the Irish translation for Stokes? O’Stocánach? Sounds like a souptaker name.

We need to stop worrying and love Lizzy :rolleyes:

I hadn’t decided yet where I was going to go for the second half of the League Cup Final next Sunday but I will now make a point of visiting the Players Lounge after Dublin-Mayo concludes.

Stokes…gotta be an Anglo-Norman adventurer name I’d say. Depicted on the Bayeaux Tapestry I’d say.

Nowt wrong with a bit of Lizzy, God bless Phillo.

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Do you know the words to the SAM Song, sid? I always preferred Johnny Cash’s Ghost Riders in the Sky but it’s a decent adaptation.

The Gardaí are taking this guy to court on Wednesday to force him to take down this banner.

What a fcuking outrage? :angry: Politcial policing as per usual. I’m only surprised Joe Duffy hasn’t had a programme on it?

There’ll be a wonderful kaIRAoke session afterwards in The Players if we win on Sunday, sid.