Lookalikes Thread


It was brilliant, the harmless and the brown nosers would have gotten 20 likes for it.
Completely topical as well seeing as the Cork tourist board’s comedy programme is the hottest show in the world right now


Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker

Joe Canning


Yer man from Scooter


Lidl looter Gerard Buggle



Statue of Liberty

Owen Wilson


cc @Rintintin

Take immediate & drastic action please.


Tis hardly worth a response really.


Not trying to sound desperate or anything but i thought mine was a cracking attempt


That’s not the Statue of Liberty that looks like Keith Urban, it’s Owen Wilson


Oh fuck it


I think that was fantastic. I’m left wondering how you came up with the comparison. Genius tho.


Ben Affleck

Daniel Kinehan




The Border Fox


Fr Romeo Sensini



Sam Rockwell

The lad who jumped the shark


You all have to be doing this on purpose now.

I thought @Rintintin was supposed to be restoring order here?


fr romeo sensini
@Smark’s profile picture


they should rename this the “taking the piss thread”


no they shouldnt


Snoop (the wire)

Jayden smith


Ron Perlman - Cat