Lookalikes Thread


Yeah, thats what we said.


Did he not mean Olding as the Geraghty lookalike?

Which is as bad.


I’d said ‘Sigh’.

Not ‘I’m a boring dull cunt from the Wexford/Carlow border area who lives in Australia’.


I’m just embarrassed for you mate.



Galway hurling uniform


Russian police uniform


Young lad out of young offenders.

Paudie Maher.


Jurgen Klopp (far right)

Member of the Feelies


Not a bad effort @farmerinthecity but I think @Fagan_ODowd will be hard bet this month.


Fucking woeful effort.


World’s most deadliest mountain k2 310summits

Irelands largest mountain Carrauntoohil


Fuckin hell you should be barred from this thread.


Most should kid .


The lad reading the sign language in the NEC


Michael Ring


The award for best lookalike in the month of February goes too… @fagan_odowd . For his Jimmy Saville/ Balck Widow Lookalike. Good efforts from @farmerinthecity and @Tassotti .

Worst attempt at the lookalike goes to @croppy_boy and his Sean Cavanagh/KDB effort. It may not have been the outright worst effort but I think it was the worst as a serious attempt.




What’s up brimmer.


Hop House 13 :flushed:


What a fucking turnaround for this thread. Hallelujah. He is risen.


@Rintintin I’m disappointed with a paltry 3 likes for my young offenders/ Paudi Maher contribution. Can you do anything about securing me a few more ?
7/8/9 likes maybe ?
Somewhere hovering near a nice post but not quite there would be acceptable, I well understand that too many people hate me to put me on or over the Golden 10.