Lookalikes Thread



Troy Deeney


Bill Cooper

Jerry Flannery


I’m still laughing away to myself at this one. Mainly because I know it’s driving the cork lads fucking mental. They hate outsiders poking fun at their own. They are very clannish and parochial in that regard.


23 likes now for the Thompson one, a very British name it must be said, that will also drive the cork lads ape aswell to make it even better


I’d say poor Ambrose is beside himself with apoplexy


Why would I give a fuck?


Did he think Raheen was in Cork??


Oompa Loompa

Cork City FC women’s footballer


Myself and my team are locked in discussions to see is it a valid entry for March lookalike of the month.




What’s up mate.


Alfred Steptoe

Jamie Vardy



Diarmuid Connolly, eating a set meal prepared by Dublin GAA’s food partner

Desperate Dan


That ones doing the rounds for years, can’t believe it hasn’t been done here


Judging by the timestamp on Fagan’s photo, he’s been debating whether or not to post it for nearly 12 months.


Yer man from Slade

The captain of the Galway minor team of 1973



Did you have a similar look yourself in those days?


No. I was a bootboy


I’d say you were more like a mod.


Eoin Wilson

Pavel Nedved