Lookalikes Thread


Declan Bonner


Sloth from the Goonies



Colm Brophy TD


Eric Cartman


Rory Harrison


Colm Brophy TD



You do know how lookalikes are supposed to work yeah?


Former Irish time journalist Tom Humphries

Current Irish Times journalist Patrick Freyne


Philip Seymour Hoffman if he’d lived a bit longer.

Mark Murphy Kidney Association of Ireland


He/she picture from the People Who Look Slow Thread

Mary Lou McDonald


Crocodile Hunter

Sandwich Hunter


Great to see this thread back on track. Picking this months winner will be a tough task.


Spurs reject steffan iversen

Rangers reject gordon ramsay


@Rintintin - time to exclude ones lifted straight from twitter or other social media sites when deciding your monthly awards.


agreed, I saw the gordan ramsey one on bbc sport this morning, I worked savage hard to get my Pavel Nedved one, I spent hours at it


Yeah, it was bothering me for weeks trying to think who Ireland’s second best horse trainer Gordon Elliott looks like. Until it dawned on me the other day that he’s the absolute spit of activist, actor and all round alright sort John Connors.



Declan Buckley who presents Telly Bingo

Shirley Temple Bar


Ricky Butcher Eastenders

Larry Murphy



Christ I hope you’re never asked to identify someone in a line up


Anthony Daly

Ray Wilkins


for christ sake


The March lookalike of the Month award is going to @jimmy_mc_nulty this month for his Pete Postlethwaite/Terry Phelan effort. A very strong month that was tough to judge. Some excellent efforts that shall all been given a like as a mark of acknowledgment. Some of these missed out on the top accolade due to either being posted before or commonly used on social media site. The worst effort for March goes to @sidney for his Colm Brophy/Harrison effort.