Lookalikes Thread


That’s more like it.


Spurs away kit

Barcelona training kit


Prudent, frugal etc.



@Bandage @caulifloweredneanderthal Here goes an entire Saturday


I’ve let herself look after this.

I turned up at a shop the other day, got the demonstration and was out in ten minutes. Sure my opinion on it doesn’t matter a jot anyway


A sensible approach. Start as you mean to continue - don’t sweat the small stuff.
You’ve already done the most important deed, tell her anything else is a bonus and further encroachment on your space and time is extremely unreasonable.


Shane Parrish from Home and Away

Jordan Spieth from golf


Serious throwback there


A galway bay swimmer

A goonie


It’s a very effeminate hand you have there @flattythehurdler.


A real man though. No evidence of a wedding ring there.


everything shrinks in water that cold


John Giles

Fred West



Muls todger

1/45th of @smarks supper



Kris Kristofferson

Francie Brolly (Joe’s da)




I’m not even gonna post up a second photo here, I do my own thing


I love this thread!


Where’s the Dunnes bag?


Clare Hurling manager