Lookalikes Thread


Emmerdale transgender character Ash Palmisciano

Rory McIlroy


Dake from Billions


Paul Kinnerk



I applaud this effort, robbed or not.


How very dare you! Completely original. Couldn’t believe it when I saw the head on him on the homepage of the Indo site.


Right-wing contrarian gobshite Brendan O’Neill


Left-wing contrarian gobshite U.N. McKenna


Those pics are very transferable to another thread on this forum .


Aaron Gillane

Sidney from the bash street kids



You’d have to be a twisted bad hoor to come up with that


Or a genius.


Melania Trump

Joey Ramone


Do us white folks all look the same to you guys?


Andres Iniesta impersonator that has been hired by FC Tokyo


Eddie Jones





TFK’s very own @Fagan_ODowd


Brendan Dowley who was 63 years old when he was last seen boarding a bus in Kilkenny on 17 October 1985 for onward travel by ferry to Britain and whose body was formally identified today in wales.



Some gimp from Love Island
The second best corner forward in Gaelic Football


Clare hurlers trying to ruffle up Joe Canning

Caravaggio - The taking of Christ


Look at that scumbag Fitzgerald lining him up for the sneaky elbows.
Karma is sweet.



If right is right, you’ll get a hape of likes for that one.


That’s a beauty, no getting away from it.