Lookalikes Thread


Best lookalike ever!


what the…


That makes no sense. Jesus Christ was taken and crucified. Joe Show was man of the match.


A Better picture would be one from the many championship games the show has collapsed agianst Brian Cody managed teams in a knock out game.




Didn’t joe bottle the free in that game and cost galway the all Ireland in 2012? I’m talking about knockout games not the Leinster championship group phase.


Declan Hannon driving the Tribes Men out of Croke Park

El Cid driving the Moors out of Spain


I don’t know about this. The whole point with the taking of Jesus was that he was passive and accepted his fate.

Actually maybe that is just like Joe.


One of the greatest team of bottlers ever to grace the sod of Croke Park. You should be far more concerned with your own history up there, little boy.


Benny hill

Tony ward (Galway)


James McGrath

A British Red Coat Bandsman


@KinvarasPassion has taken this to a whole new level. You’ve picked up the gauntlet.
Only time will tell, but this is an epic battle, a titanic struggle and a helluva tiff.


Jealous and shitter older brother Arthur Shelby


Jealous and Shitter older brother Henrik Ingebritsen


RTE sports presenter dancing Dessie Cahill


Long time friend of Tony Soprano but now deceased Big Pussy Bonpensiero



Former Ulster schools rugby player

Tee McCann


Richard Hammond
David krumholz


A young Paul Browne

A young Elon Musk


This thread and the People Who Look Slow thread are the best things on TFK. :slight_smile:


Saw this on Reddit this morning, Lennon & McCartney look very like Lennon & McCartney.


McCartney looks very like a wino