Lookalikes Thread


Zinger. There’s your 10. :clap:


Brian O’Driscoll

A young David Davin Power


I’ve given that a like, bud.


Poor choice of picture of O’Driscoll. It’s almost like you were trying to sabotage your own lookalike attempt.


Groundskeeper Willie

David Hanly


Sorry mate but I shant be taking comments on lookalikes from you.


He’s the spit of Ron Swanson …


This thread badly needs an @Mullach_Ide type adjudicator


Are you putting your name forward Mike?




That’s disappointing.


I nominate @iron_mike


Nominate away


Whatever about shit lookalikes surely thread etiquette should involve acknowledging when you’ve taken the lookalike from another site or social media platform. I’m happy for @iron_mike to take on the adjudication role.


Motion carried. @iron_mike is our new lookalikes adjudicator.


You just did.


Yeah, why didn’t you post up that picture of O’Driscoll with the curly hair and moustache?


I feel it my duty to inform the forum that the lamentably popular clickbait website Joe.ie featured the exact same David Davenpower - Brian O’Driscoll lookalike as @farmerinthecity posted this morning.

Four years ago.

The 6"9 tall poster has set a new low for this thread.


We need evidence of this.

@iron_mike might have a scandal on his hands in his first hour in the job if this is true.


@iron_mike needs to step up now