Lookalikes Thread


@Rintintin is the boss around here.


Based on the evidence provided by @The_Selfish_Giant, I am prepared to allow the the look alike (LAL) . However it’s pu rely on a technicality.
While Mr Heneghan made reference to the LAL he only provided a picture of Mr. O’Driscoll. No photographic evidence of Mr Davinpower was provided meaning that interested parties would have to find the evidence for themselves. Even though instructions were provided by Mister Heneghan, he did not do the required research. This was at vest careless and at worst lazy by the afore mentioned Mr Heneghan.
@farmerinthecity merely took advantage of this and provided the evidence required.
However it does merit a warning as plagerism will not be tolerated going forward


I don’t read Joe.ie*

*That’s not to say that the person who told me about the lookalike, and which I subsequently attempted to use as my own, doesn’t read it.


Unreal adjudication, I think you’ve found your calling


Unreal start to your tenure in the hot seat :clap:


With such firm adjudication I think it would be appropriate for @iron_mike to backdate some recent controversies.
Perhaps start by banning @Nembo_Kid for that disgraceful effort where he compared the snooker player to some simple looking lad in a football jersey.


No . Clean slate for everyone


Thread carefully @iron_mike. They did the same to me on the celeb spotting thread. Like the lad that won the lotto you’ll have loads of friends while the money lasts,they all want to be your friend now. The
lads lauding your appointment as LaL adjudicator are the lads with most to lose.
They’re shitting it in case you revisit the older posts and had out a few bans and are just ingratiating themslelves to you.


You always did a great job on the celeb adjudicating Brimmer. I think you should be the adjudicator for a GAA players (as they are not celebs) spotting thread


This thread is going to finally be box office under the firm but fair stewardship of @iron_mike


I hear ya pal. Therefore we cannot make this a popularity contest. Any attempts at bribery will be taken very seriously.
Therefore a clean slate and only LAL applications from today onwards will be considered.
Incidentally all allegations of plagetism must be submitted within 24 hours.


I wouldn’t be taking the softly softly approach either. Let the cunts know you’re not to be messed with.
I’d say ban the first three lads that offered their fake self serving congratulations since your appointment.
Let em know who’s boss right from the get go.


Christ Mike, you’re like a duck to water, and after your faux modesty earlier on and all.
You’ll need to be wary of lads posting pictures of fellas with foreheads that look like they’re in a hall of mirrors for cheap likes, otherwise I can’t foresee any problems.


the photo is in the link you absolute gimp

Christ almighty- fucking up with your first post sums you up

you aint up to it


This is @Rintintin’s gig unless he says otherwise.


My ruling stands on the basis that all Rob Kearney did was tweet a picture of David Davinpower . Nobody posteda picture of Davinpower and ODriscoll as @farmerinthecity did which is the technicality that allowed the LAL to stand. Now fuck off back to your sweatshop in the swamp and while you’re at it, take that fucking section 8 from Laois with you.


Very impressive start chief (cc @Bandage)


You don’t have to explain yourself to that toerag.


The Davin-Power / O’Driscoll lookalike was all over twitter all weekend. I didn’t realise it originated on joe.ie years ago. @iron_mike - does this initial ruling mean any lookalike swiped from Football 365, joe.ie, Lads Bible and the likes or from someone on twitter will be authorised? It’s setting a very, very dangerous precedent.


I’m happy enough to leave one of my minions off with the day to day running of this thread. But as always I have to option of stepping in and overruling the apprentice when I see things getting out of hand . So, as you were @iron_mike