Lookalikes Thread


@iron_mike is a noble statesman to the end


I think it’s telling that you try and employ such underhand, sneaky methods when it comes me.

I’m not even disappointed or surprised with you in this regard.


Ah diddums. :disappointed:


Resigning is a terribly unIrish thing to do.


I’m sure @Rintintin had a quiet but forceful word behind the scenes to push it through. Trouble is @iron_mike carrying on like Alan Shatter now - don’t bother resigning at all if you’re going to keep going on about it.


You need to take a lot of the blame for this fiasco. You were happy to let me proceed until the section 8 reminded you there was already an adjudicator. Up your game.
You’re either a mod or not.


I’ll hold my hands up - I did indeed forget he was in charge. But not being noticed is the sign of a great referee or adjudicator.


I withdraw my last statement. You are correct there. My bad




Deary me


:clap: being able to admit you are wrong is a noble trait. fuck the begrudgers pal


Not really a common trait around here pal


Kilgarvan village idiot

Corrie village idiot


Cork "ladies"hurler

Dan “the man”


Tommy Hearns

Mac as Murtagh


The lad in the purple tie and the lad in the helmet.


Diarmaid Connolly

Cyclist with a horn


Linda Blair. Daughter in the excorsist

Amy schumer. Whatever the fuck she does


Would this be a common look in Polish cycling circles @balbec


Jesus Mike that’s bad, were you 17 minutes putting that together? Lay off the strong beer pal, you’ll be lucky if you don’t end up decking those cunts you have for neighbours before half past nine.