Lookalikes Thread


I see where you’re coming from here. But a couple of things come to mind.

  1. I will not be trawling through various different websites looking for “original posts” that have been plagerised.

  2. Based on my first point , anybody making an allegation of plagerism must provide evidence within 24 hours of the post going up on TFK.

  3. I allowed the O’DRISCOLL LAL to stand based on the evidence provided which did not did not show the two LAL together.
    Now they may exist but I’m fucked if I’m going searching for it.

I am however prepared to take your council on rule number 3 as I appreciate your initial.point.


That put him back in his box. Well played @iron_mike. Take no shit off of him going forward either. He’s a nobody these days.


I wouldn’t stray far pal, you’ve had a lovely light touch on this thread and I’m worried the simpleton start made here by the harmless apprentice could see it fall into ruin.


For someone who has been on the forum for nine years, I respect your opinion. On that basis I will now respectfully resign from the adjudicator position as I can see that you still hold it dear to your heart and I don’t believe I can operate as your “minnion”

Back to you


I think the importance of the position is beginning to dawn on poor @iron_mike and the stench of panic is all over this post

the poor chump is so out of his depth



knew it




Off to the seething thread with you or whichever one of your personalities you’re claiming to be today.


Shush now, you’re gonna do yourself an injury


Stage 4 you’re at already. You were seething when @Matty_Hislop even asked me to do the gig. After years of posting around here I’d say the only thing you’ve been asked to do is make the sandwiches for the pretend meeting in the 51


A big honour for you this is it? Ah here :joy:


Stage 8. Careful. You’ll spill your tae.


Last thing I read on this thread was an honourable resignation statement but it’s since been followed by deranged and seething rambling while accusing others (who have displayed an even temperament on the thread) of the same. It’s an awfully odd reaction from @iron_mike and maybe @Rintintin needs to step in here because poor @myboyblue hasn’t done anything to deserve being targeted.


I’d say this is the post that did the damage, mate.
Nice to see you take a hard line on gratuitous attacks though.


I’d launched one before that. But like yourself I don’t launch gratuitous attacks for the sake of it.


So you did, and a beauty it was too. The section 8 bit was new I’d say? That could become a thing.


The mid-western contingent aren’t going to let @iron_mike go out without a fight.

Is there anything to be said for a poll?


No chief. I won’t let my name go forward.