Lookalikes Thread


Malachy is a Fermanagh man.


Phil Jones

Theresa May


Trump doesn’t rhyme with count.


Blur or your eyes or go cross eyed and this looks like another well known symbol for a now defunct organisation.


Fake News meathead cunt (second from the left)

Some meathead cunt in a slightly awkward photoshoot for Ireland’s rugby World Cup bid


Reservoir Dogs

The O’Brien crew


Garret Bale

Planet of the Apes character


Oh this won’t go down well


Raymond van Barnaveld

Tipperary football selector Paul Fitzgerald





Star of the Addams Family. Raul Julia.

Monaghan forward Conor McManus.


Seven likes already. It’s going down like gillian taylforth.


Raymond van Baranaveld reminds me a little of Ed Woodward


One of the worst efforts yet. :joy: He doesn’t look a bit like him.


This is because Gareth is white. But put up one black person who looks like a monkey, and you’re some sort of racist. Disgraceful double standards.


Yeah but he actually looks like a monkey as opposed to just sharing colouring


You’re anti white bastard you.


You cracker bastard…


I’ll pop a cap in your ass, in a non gay way.