Lookalikes Thread


Stop bickering and give it the 10th like it deserves. It would be on Ben & Jerrys 10th Birthday too, the circle would be complete!!


Josh Brolin in The Goonies, 1985

Josh Brolin going to an 80’s themed birthday party, 2017


Maybe I’m way off here but doesn’t the concept of a lookalike usually involve two different people?


This is my registering of disdain for the direction this thread has taken.


Guy sitting 2 rows behind Theresa May looking directly at her and appearing baffled

Martin King


Cian Healy

Pig in a barrel

Post of the Year 2017

They’d pass as father and son in that picture



FFS Faldo, posting lookalikes clips you found on the INTERNET that are not even lookalikes.


There is a commonality about it in fairness. It’s in the expression.


Marty Morrissey, working the guns.

The Thing.




Happy to give the 10th for that.


Where’s Casper Foley gone ?


Frankie Boyle

Elbow’s Guy Garvey


Diarmuid Connolly

Sonny Bill Williams


Ah here.


He might have got the AIG bit right. Bit that’s about it


Alexis Sanchez

Mako Vunipola


Cesare Prandelli

Juan Antonio Pizzi