Lookalikes Thread


Miss piggy has nicer eyes same snout tho.


The black widow rip

The black widow




Not entirely sure the concept has been grasped here.


Catherine Nevin


Jimmy Saville


Former Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh

New CEO of Eir Carolan Lennon


Looks like the lovely Maria’s brother


No, No, NO




Podge or Rodge

Mary O’Rourke


Stuart Olding


Graham Geraghty (on right)


After some absolutely abysmal attempts in this thread over the last while I have taken it upon myself (as lookalikes adjudicator)to shake up the thread a bit by giving an award each month for best and worst efforts. I may also give a few “special mention” in months where there has a few decent efforts.


Ffs @HBV. Will you stop these new accounts spamming the place. They’re on every thread now.


Kevin de Bruyne

Sean Cavanagh




Fucks sake


About fucking time you absentee landlord.

What a fucking tap in of a nice post :smile:


FFS lads the last two efforts are woeful. KDB looks more like Graham Geraghty than Paddy Jackson does, which wouldn’t be hard to be fair.


Call the best effort it the Arti Ziff award