Looking for a laptop


Not much in it




Depends on whether the i5 is a quad or dual core i think? i3 are only dual core…


Would you consider a 2nd hand machine? If it’s moderate usage you’ll be doing I’d find it hard to justify anything over €200. Possibly even a chromebook, if all your flooterin’ about is online. If it’s for working and multi-tasking, sure - drop some bucks…unlikely either of these two machines will stand up to heavy usage though.

I’ve got a custom build for myself and a secondhand Dell for the missus. I use mine for work and she uses hers for surfing, basic word processing, skype, etc.


This looks decent value:


Especially if you have access to a licence key to install the OS


Ha! That’s who I bought off. Good outfit.


Same as.
Delivery is slow but you get serious bang for your buck.


Was just about to say, ditch the OS and lash on a Linux distro.


Yup. The one I’m on is specced to the tits in terms of processor, drives, etc., but went basic enough on graphics card. Not gaming, but could have 10 or 11 apps open at a time - while running an online meeting. Fantastic laptop.


With that particular one there would it be a much superior model to the ones I posted up?

If I was to order now then how likely would I be to receive it before Christmas?


If you buy it without the operating system you would get a serious machine for €700.
I think you can pay extra to speed up delivery.


Says €488 on that particular model there?

How tough would it be to illegaly put Windows 10 on it?


You can change the spec down along. I’d give it the i5 processor at a minimum, 8GB of RAM and if you don’t need top performance you could go for the 500GB Hybrid SSD,


Try Chillblast either.


Mrs is looking for a laptop - bit of browsing, bit of work stuff (Excel) and mainly storing pics — Now she wants something that wont slow down in a year or so — better to go with something 250GB and above? or save money and get a 64GB and have an external HD for pics and the likes? cc @Copper_pipe @TreatyStones @ironmoth ?


Whats’ the budget?

256GB SSD vs 1TB Hard Drive is a choice you will need to make. SSD is much faster. So maybe go for the SSD and get a external hard drive for photos.

Cheap Microsoft office on Ebay too :slight_smile:


Don’t go near anything with a small internal hard drive. 250GB your minimum brah.


Definitely don’t get a 64GB hard drive. You’d hardly put windows on it.
You should be able to get 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD for handy enough money. Get the two of those and you’ll be sorted.


4 things I always look for.

  1. RAM >= 8GB
  2. Hard Drive: Solid State 128 or 256.
  3. Screen: HD resolution or better
  4. Processor: NOT CELERON! i5 or i7


Don’t be a tight cunt. Get her a high-end Microsoft Surface Pro with an Intel core i7, 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB hard-drive. You’d want to be dropping at least €2.5k on your princess.


Are you going to put Mavis Beacon on it @chocolatemice?

You’d want your head examined to be going lower than 250gb