Lost Season 6 - The Final Season

Lost Season 6 Begins in the States on Tuesday night. To those of us who hung in there this long, discussion can take place about it here. Be aware for those of you who don’t download and will wait until Friday night to watch it on SKY One, this thread will most likely contain spoilers from those of us who will be downloading after it airs on Tuesday nights in the States.

As posted in the other thread, its on RTE2 on Thursday night

I cannot frigging wait for this…

Cheers Mac, just saw that. Fair play to RTÉ, they’ve managed to get in one day before SKY nearly every year with this haven’t they? Anyone know how they manage it?

I can’t get into youtube at the moment, but I think this is the teaser trailer for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


Cunts spend a fortune on this but pass on stuff like the heiniken cup.

Its probably the Premiership where the RTÉ budget goes, but I’ll leave Larry to explain that one to you.

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Is it true Larry and Ryle Nugent moved in together?

Can’t say I’m all theat excited about this but having watched all of the previous seasons and at one stage loving it I’ll be tuning in to see how tehy wrap it up.

If they had wrapped it up after around four seasons it could have been a great show.

As I tend to do with most shows I download I’ll be waiting until it finishes and then watching it all in one go. See you in June or whenever it finishes.

Gheyest thread of all time.

I tend to agree. Unfortunately, American shows tend to continue until they are terrible and nobody watches anymore.

Not the case here WTB, but then you know that. Its a pity they didnt go for the short version, but money talks in the US tv market so they dragged it out for 2 or 3 seasons too much.

Disappointing double episode.

Some poor continuity and plot holes…
Why didn’t Jack try save Juliet instead of Sawyer and him just accepting her death without any pulse checking and chest beating?
Why didn’t they bring her to the temple too.

The whole plane storyline was a bit rubbish. Seems like they have a bit of a hard on for alternate realities.

So too was the whole temple stuff. All these new characters and settings they have been hidden all this time on a small island seems a bit weak.

They are going to have an awful hard time marrying up some of the storylines they have created.

How does all this stuff with the temple and evil Locke and Jacob marry up with moving the island and Whidmore and all that stuff.

I have grave concerns…

Biggest load of cock ever. Some of ye’z really need help.

I dunno CLD, I mean you’ve been watching Lost up til now, and you start finding plot holes now?!!

[spoiler]I thought it was a decent first episode. Gave a lot of information, but as is the wont with Lost asked as many questions again. I agree that its difficult to see where they will go with this and how they will close off all the plots they’ve opened up, but they’ve got the guts of 24 hours of tv to play with and they’ve known about this ending coming for 2 years or so, so you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Not sure what to make of the alternate realities they seem to have introduced now, I guess we’ll have to see how it pans out.

As for your question about Juliet, I presume they didnt bring her to the temple because at that point they didnt know about the temple, and hadn’t Sawyer taken her off to bury her anyway? Also Jacob didnt tell them to for what its worth.

Meh I dunno, I just dont see much point in picking plot holes in a show like Lost, I’m along for the ride. Its ridiculous, but I do enjoy it and I am interested in seeing where it goes eventually.[/spoiler]

The main characters in Lost have always been somewhat believable [Jack, Kate, Sawyer etc…] but the storylines they are involved are just getting further and further from what they started from which has made it all a bit too ridiculous.
I think lots have people have got to this point with Lost and gave up. Some a lot earlier than me, mainly because I have let a lot of things go and chalked them down as “Ok, that was weird; I’ll assume they’ll explain that later.”
I’m getting to the point where the believable characters are doing stupid stuff and they are quickly running out of time to answer all the questions they have created to make their meandering bizarre storylines come full circle and have any semblance of sense and logic to them. Which is disappointing but they have set the bar so high for themselves now I dunno how they can bring it all together. I’ll still watch to the end but I’m readying myself for disappointment…

[spoiler]Very few shows end in a way that will please the viewer, even TWW probably went on too long and meandered too much from the steady road. The Soprano’s was an excellent series, but they too didnt have a clue how to end it. I see your point, but to be honest, I reached that point myself a long time ago, now I’m just along for the ride, see where the characters go, adn find out what the deal is with those bloody numbers!

I havent believed they could finish this up satisfactorily since S03, but shur fuck it, its enjoyable shite.

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That was some load of shit…