Luton Town FC

Made the play off’s this year after going from the conference to the championship in 8 years. The underdogs underdog story. Signing in.


Signed in many years ago. LTFCTID.


I’ll watch that later but the opening is a bit of a red herring, it’s not like they’ve come from nowhere. They won the Milk Cup in 1988 and only left the top flight in 1992.

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One of three clubs who competed in the 1991/92 Barclays League First Division who were subsequently relegated to the GM Vauxhall Conference.

Two of them had plastic pitches.

Oldham and Notts County. Fuck me but County were a basket case of a club.

Wimbledon also ceased to exist in recognisable form.

I’m pretty sure I have a recollection of seeing AFC Wimbledon beat Luton on penalties about 10 or 11 years ago in a play-off to get into the Football League. Wimbledon also beat Luton in the 1988 FA Cup semi-final.

The story of their manager Nathan Jones is an interesting one.

Took them from League Two to the top of League One before fucking off to Stoke in the Championship.

He nearly relegated them, got the boot, went back to Luton (now promoted) and has taken them to within two matches of the Premier League.

They must have had to drag people in off the street to watch Luton and Wimbledon. Two of the worst supported teams in English football.

There was a guy on AFR back in the day who was a die hard Luton fan. Can’t recall the name

Wigan have less supporters than either and we’re proud of it.

Eddie Howe at Bournemouth it sounds like. Left for Burnley, didn’t work out, went back and rest is history

Excuse my pedantry Farmer but it’s 3 matches


Littlewoods cup……where they beat @briantinnion’s Arsenal 3-2

A terrible mistake there by @briantinnion

A lot of young managers would have done the same and Stoke had a good budget.
After some initial grumblings from fans, he was welcomed back to the Kenny. A devout Christian is Jones too.

I got the full kit, bag and scarf for Christmas 88 and have been stuck with the cunts ever since.

Every footix should visit Kenilworth Road once before it’s pulled down


The Stein brothers …Ashley grimes …the centre half with the head band?
Lovely jersey sponsored by bedford ?

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Were they one of the original clubs in English football league from the start before their relegation a few years ago ?

I think they’re the oldest club in England… Maybe the world… or some shite like that.

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Had my chance a few years back and the game was snowed off. I was staying in Ware (where? exactly)