Luton Town FC

Brentford are falling back into it. Wolves handing them their arses.

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True. Although Ivan Toney will be like a new signing when he arrives back.

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Forest will challenge for Europe yet. Your best bet is Palace not replacing Hodgson with Cooper. They will continue to freefall unless they do.
Brentford should be fine when Toney returns
Everton and Fulham could run out of steam yet

Toney will end up in Arsenal in the transfer window

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That’s what I was thinking

In that case Brentford are fucked

Toney is a huge loss for them


Some start. 2 up after 3 minutes. Ogbene with the second.

De zerbi is a fraud


That’s the pressure of having Manchester United breathing down your neck.

That’s a disaster of a result for Luton today

I picked them for this weekend in our local soccer club’s last man standing comp.
My advisers did tell me it was risky

They were all over Sheffield for first 25 mins and one of Sheffield’s main players went off injured but Luton centre half got skinned on wing and let them in for an easy opener. It didn’t get much better after that