Madeline McCann Thread

Throwing more shade on that poor couple, it’s a disgrace

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Puts some credence into @Malarkey theory

They’re at it years now

In the 16 year long search for Madeline McCann they’ve had no joy.

But I’m sure they’ll continue

I’ve always thought she wandered off and fell down one of the many well holes they dig in Spain and Portugal.

I thought she wandered out looking for her folks and was taken in an opportunistic paedophile crime. Either that or grabbed in panic by burglars.

Well, not my theory.

There were many significant questions the McCanns simply refused – in baffling fashion, if they were innocent – to answer.

The most likely circumstance – based on the evidence – is that the poor child met some sort of fatal accident and an autopsy would have disclosed the presence of sedative in her system, which necessitated concealment, for fear of the parents being struck off the medical register, thereby losing their livelihood.


In fairness if the German police are over it must all be to do with that German Pedo.

When I walked The Camino (rural Spain) I was shocked at the amount of open water channels used for irrigation. Mostly deep concrete channels with no fencing. The bridges over there have non or very low walls. All accidents waiting to happen.

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For a drunken paddy

No, for a child based on @TheUlteriorMotive post above.

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There’s a few things you can be certain of. One is she didn’t fall in a ditch the poor mite.

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