Malta vs Ireland

whats the narrative from @Aertel220 , ritchie sadler & the newstalk generation?

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what about Jimmy Barry-Murphy’s young lad. He’s doing superb work in the Manchester City academy and learning from Pep


Unless he can bring some of the players with him, learning Pep ball won’t be much good to that group. We need someone who learned under Neil Warnock

Well, well, well… Look who it is.

Mr Kenny till I die.

The gig is truly up when you’ve abandoned him.

“Kenny will have done the hard yards for the next manager” etc.

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I’ve seen the light! Really appreciate blooding in the new talent, delighted that we’re not playing that puke long ball shite, but he’s limited. It’s like Eoin Hand all over again, only Hand had an unbelievable amount of talent at his disposal.

@The_Selfish_Giant might be an opportunistic bull shitter on many topics but there isn’t a man alive who knows more than him on Irish soccer. While we’re glad to have you onboard, you should have listened from day 1.


The reframing of the baseline expectations as Kenny’s reign progressed has amused me.

He was touted as somebody who possessed a record of winning while playing progressive, entertaining football. We were told that he could bring about immediate improvements and it would be nice to participate in a tournament where we weren’t on the back foot and relying on spirit and battling.

Then we were told that we can’t expect results straight away. It would take time to oversee and embed a fundamental change in style and we were building for the next tournament.

Then we were told that we don’t have the players to implement that style and that’s not the manager’s fault. And we would have to be patient while results and performances were poor because there was a bigger picture and he had no option but to blood younger players.

We were then told that Kenny might not derive the benefits during his own reign and the tournament after the tournament is probably a write off too. But the next manager would be in a much better place when he takes charge thanks to Kenny bravely sticking to his principles.

Meanwhile, Kenny is afraid to experiment in a low key friendly away to Malta because the performances and results have been so dire, and self-preservation is now the order of the day.


Thats a pretty good summation. lot of gaslighting going on.

Great shout.

Surely be as well off staying where he is and learning his trade? We hardly need another raw chap with little experience behind him at a decent level?

In fairness, he could get Ireland pressing in a co-ordinated way and stop us passing aimlessly (for the sake of it) at the back allowing oppoition to get into shape.

Until we can unearth a few midfielders that can play on the half-turn, (Cullen does, but lacks a change of pace) we’d be as well off keep it simple and play 4-4-2.

Ferguson up top with Parrott or Obafemi dropping off him might be the way to go.

A dog with a stick in his hole should be able to do that.

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Ferguson a country mile off it looking at his performances at under 21 level. Needs to change formation for me. 5 at the back not working.

The Spock factor

The France and Holland factor


I must be the only person who thinks Declan “sideways” Rice loss to Ireland is totally over estimated. A nothing player.


He’d be a god in Ireland side

I don’t get the hype. Totally outplayed tonight. Never passes the ball forward. Mousa looked technically levels above.

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He is astronomically better than any player we currently have