Man Utd - A disgraceful success

The Man Yoo fans are very quiet around here about the antics of their fellow supporters on Sunday. A disgrace! And after Whiskey nose himself asking the scumbags to refrain from such antics, they just couldn’t hide their true colours!

Fucking Manc scum! Oo are ya! Oo are ya! :mad:

What do you expect? They were idiots and should be dealt with appropriately if they can be identified.

No question about it.


Croppy_Boy is not a disgrace!

Always the victims.

Didn’t they sing about justice for heysel also but that’s been conveniently ignored by the murderers.

What a shitty industry this is, played by scum, followed by inbred scum.

They have great complexions tho.

Pretty poor alright.

Unfortunatly this exactly sums up the farce that is the EPL .

The fact that Liverpool football club can choose to define what they see as what needs to be commemorated and respected and what can be totally ignored and casually brushed under the carpet makes this all the more nauseating, especially when you are talking about human life.

That show they put on Sunday was fucking cringeworthy. That club should be shut down.

It’s nuts that it takes something like this for people to call for action against it. It’s happening at almost every Premier League ground every week.

At the couple of games I’ve been at I couldn’t get over the hatred in the stadia. Is it different in leagues on the continent at all?

The Premier League has some serious work to do if they think they can get the different groups of fans to discontinue scenes like this.

The bubble will soon burst, mickee. And there will be many EPL sides going to the wall. I for one cannot wait :popcorn:

stick to the bogball you utter utter cretin

english stadiums are the most boring in world football

Mark Halsey getting twitter abuse over his cancer by Liverpool fans.

whataboutery at its finest

You brush over the incident that started it Cm. Two Liverpool fans doing aeroplane gestures to the United fans kept in Anfield after the match.

I don’t think any club can take the high moral ground on this. To be honest, it seems like its a culture that’s endemic to the EPL and english football.

+1 there’s plenty of evidence of it happening at most grounds in the EPL.

Who’s that lying on the runway?

who’s that lying on the ice

I for one am shocked and appalled at this type of behaviour. I have always held the working class English soccer supporter as the role model that everyone should aspire to but this has knocked my moral compass completely out of kilter. I am also disgusted that nobody that has replied to this thread has mentioned the children-who shall think of them? Shame on all of you.

It’s matt busby and his boys