Managerial Merrygoround Thread


It is done


He must have some agent.


His brother is/was an agent so possibly him


Gold and Sullivan’s statement more or less said that they don’t usually replace managers mid season but they had to. Now what they want is someone who can adapt to English football straight away to cause as little upheaval as possible and Moyes is the man.

Load of shite if you ask me.


Great news for Big Andy Carroll.


Moyes is not going to last long there. As big Sam said the other night West Ham supporters want their teams to play a certain way and if you don’t play that way then you don’t stand a chance at the club.

Bilic’s big mistake was getting rid of Randolph. :slight_smile:


West Ham should never have gotten rid of Pards.


Their way of playing has been utter dogshit in my lifetime though.


You watch them regularly?


What’s up your ass today?


Anyone read the fake Carlton Cole twitter thread posted in August? Cant recall if it was posted here, but its a fun read all the same. @Locke


Season ticket holder, bro. If I’m not on TFK you can take it for granted that I’m blowing bubbles.


Odd for a Tottenham fan to be a season ticket holder at West Ham.


@horsebox is a chameleon mate. He’s like the Shadow, he can never be pinned down. They seek him here, they seek him there, those policemen seek him everywhere, is he in heaven or is he in hell, that dammed elusive… sh-a-a-a-a-dow.



Simeone is mad, but he’s not that mad surely


He’s in good company. @The_Selfish_Giant was apparently a childhood Tottenham fan who travelled over from Dublin regularly to see Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge. Only started supporting Chelsea about a year ago though.


Aren’t you a PNE fan, Jeff?


I’ve the sniffles