Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Martin O’Neill would be a good fit for the Socceroos.


We could rent him to them for the 8 odd months. We certainly won’t be needing him.


3 nice posts in 3 days, consistency that makes one a top top top poster.


Martin O’Neill to Everton?

Was 20/1 at 1pm and its now 4/9


If that cunt get the job I’m going to support the red shite for the rest of the year…


Come on down mate, we’d be happy to have you


Thats some joke.

Everton are slightly dumb



Jim white is a clueless cunt…


In cases like this I always back the field


I think it was the betting for Ireland manager the time Trappatoni got it, I made a nice few quid off laying the favourite. There was 4 or 5 different fellas odds on at various times. Trappatoni didn’t even appear in the betting until a few hours before he was announced.


I had Venables in the last leg of a treble to win €600 until Giles and Brady had their spake.


Presumably Martin O’Neill’s first act as Everton manager will be to write a strongly worded, condescending letter of blame to himself on the subject of James McCarthy’s injury problems.


AC Milan sack Vincenzo Montella and make Gennaro Gattuso coach



I see Bielsa is out the door at Lille, John Delaney should get rid of O’Neill and move heaven and earth to get him


Bielsa is a gas cunt of an oddball, he renovated the training ground and included a special hallway so as he could get to and and from his office without having to see anybody.


Thats an excellent idea.

Imagine the amount of potholes he has to deal with around the place and all he wants to do is run a session.


He’d fit in great here.


He watched their game v Montpellier in a coffee shop on his laptop recently as he was suspended by the club. He wouldn’t last long with Ireland but it would be entertaining to say the least.