Managerial Merrygoround Thread


His coaching style is based upon endless drills and repetition. The lads went mad when Kerr gave them too many DVD’s and moaned about Trap’s endless drills. He’d last a week by that scale.


The hipsters would be happy though


Can he speak English ??


Didn’t stop trap - we might get Manuela back :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Pardew and Moyes both appointed to Premier League jobs despite both of them hardly covering themselves in glory in their last role.

Seems like changes are just being made now for the sake of it.


The wealth of the Premier League is out of this world. WBA were in the top 15 largest spending clubs in the world in 2017. Yet, they keep going back to the same tired managers. Its pathetic.



It would be hilarious seeing Bielsa trying to play his brand of football with that Irish team.


Thomas Tuchel doesn’t seem to have joined anyone after leaving Dortmund in the close season.

Surely these moneybags clubs should be targeting someone like him?


Too much of a risk to take on a Johnny Foreigner in the greatest league in the world. Johnny Foreigner simply cant get his head around the intricacies of the english game. Real football men will tell you this. Real football men don’t have time to be trusting Johnny Foreigner. English football needs the likes of Mark Hughes, Alan Pardew, Sam Allardyce, Tony Pulis, Martin O Neill, Roy Hodgson and David Moyes.


He had a nervous breakdown after the bomb attack on the bus


Really? I wasn’t aware of that.


Three deeply uninspiring appointments, I hope West Ham, Everton and WBA get relegated.


Which club-manager combinations from the following lists haven’t happened yet?

West Ham
Crystal Palace

Big Sam

Big Sam has now done four of those six clubs.
Moyesie has three.
Pulis has three.
Pardew has three.

Big Sam to Stoke would be epic.
Pulis to Sunderland is a match made in heaven.
Moyesie to Palace, please.
Pardew to Everton.


Peter Stoger, the Austrian who scored a hat trick vs Ireland in the mid 90s is now manager of Borussia Dortmund



Cc @GeoffreyBoycott

Tony Pulis the only man for the job


Only spotted this now. That’s very mean on your old friend Pards mate


Pards needed a longer break, he appears tired, it’d set him up for a tilt at the arsenal job when it comes available.


Pards is the King. He was far too hasty accepting the West Brom job.