Managerial Merrygoround Thread



Paul Merson won’t be happy.

English teams like Swansea should be appointing English managers.


Some random Swansea fan on twitter:

“Fucking hell. Replacing Clement with Carvahal is like changing babysitter from Kate to Gerry McCann.”


Premier League 2017/18



Jim McGuinness on his way back from China.


Pat O’Sullivan has perhaps sold the Super Blues “project” to him…


Ryan Giggs is the new Wales manager :laughing:


No harm moving away from appointing former Welsh players


Gareth Bale has just pulled out of all Wales’s matches until at least the start of the next European qualifiers in March 2019.


Give it Giggsy til end of the Euro 2020 qualification campaign.


In fairness to Giggs, he was playing for a club regularly challenging for championships and in the business end of the Champions League, and Wales isn’t a real country.


Great players rarely make good managers.

Which is irrelevant for Giggs, because he was never a great player.




Sure between that and banging his sister in law he barely had time to play for Wales




Media reports that Paul Lambert will be the new manager of Stoke-On-Trent City.

An appointment that is sure to excite their fans.


Once you’re on the merry-go-round it’s hard to get off.


Paul Lambert?

Crikey - they would be as well to give it to Phil Taylor.


It’s a joke at this stage.


Absolutely inspirational from Giggs.