Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Phil Neville to take over as manager of the England women’s team


It certainly won’t excite Paul the boring drab cunt.



His head was turned by Everton.


The board seems to think so anyway


They are dead right


“there will be no further comment…more here”



I expect Quique Sanchez Flores will be their first choice, but if they can’t get him…


Wow. How has this been left slip.

You argued the exact opposite in the past


Please use quotes in full context to argue whatever it is that you’re trying to argue about what you think I was arguing.


I couldn’t be arsed.
I have a life and I do not need to go putting in searches to prove something I remember .
I’m sure most here remember it.

There is no argument. The hypocrisy is obvious


As expected, and as usual, you’re completely unable to back up what you claim.

And that is why you are a joke.

Run away, now.


Javi Gracia is to be the new manager


Silva was being treated as some kind of genius earlier in the season by some. The Pozzo’s know what they’re at


Confirmed already.


@GeoffreyBoycott . He was saying that they were unrecognisable to the rabble they were under Walter Mazzarri last season, despite the fact they are now in a worse position this season than at this stage last season.

I doubt we will be hearing from Mr Boycott anytime shortly as he doesn’t like having to eat the humble pie dish he ordered inadvertently.


I’m very worried about you kid. You’re on here what about two weeks and you’ve already confessed that you’re a stalker. Trawling back through my posts from over a year ago before you joined on a run of the mill club like Watford is very strange behavior.


Why is it strange?


Can you please readdress your comments on Marco Silva, show some backbone @GeoffreyBoycott.


Yep, just to beware he has an awful habit of making up arguments rather than answering questions