Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Thanks mate.

This was outlined in the dossier received.


The statement from Watford F.C. sums it up better than I ever could. Marco Silva was doing a terrific job at Watford until his head was turned by the unwarranted approaches of another Premier League club. A manager of his calibre won’t be on the sidelines for long. If Pochettino were to leave Spurs
for whatever reason, I’d love to see Silva at Spurs.


They are in a worse position than at this time last year. Their league performances are almost in sync with the prior two seasons where they started very well, then fell away and jettisoned the manager.

You need to stop floundering and address the issue.



Fake tweets



Hi jinks





Robbie gets off to a winning start thanks to a typical Robbie Keane classy finish


Classy finish, really classy. :clap:


No surprise to see Robbie thrive there, he always benefited from having a manager who understood him.


Pellegrino sacked by Southampton


Mark Hughes is bookies favorite. The same heads getting the same jobs ffs.


A prick of a man


They may be one of the club’s to take a long term look. They know their place and seem to be very well run. Would not surprise me if they went foreign or indeed internal.

They may go with someone to stay up for 3 months, but cannot see them sticking with a Hughes type


Sparky, Big Sam, Pards and Moysey are never out of work too long.


Hughes confirmed until end of season


I don’t think he is Pulis type quality for getting out of the shit


Pardew gone from WBA .