Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Tony Pullis is available


Big Mick will get the job in the summer.


They could do worse .


Is Pulis not managing Middlesbrough these days


Following rumours in the press today:

  • Pochettino to Chelsea
  • Silva to Everton
  • Fonseca or Rafa to West Ham


I broke the Pochettino to Chelsea news to the forum a week ago mate. Old news around here.

Apparently we’re getting title winning manager Claudio Ranieri to replace him.


There could be up to ten changes next season


Who is the longest serving manager in the league now? Someone like Dyche or Howe?


Paul Tisdale mate.


Only two clubs in the entire four divisions had the same manager in place this time six years ago as they do now.


Where’s Antonio Conte off to when he gets sacked next week? Two of the jobs he has been linked with PSG and Italy have been filled.






Surely Sarri will only leave if he has the Chelsea job though?

I’d have thought Pochettino would have been higher on Chelsea’s list.

I could actually see Conte going to Tottenham and there being an effective job swap. He wouldn’t have to move city. It has never been that big a deal historically for Italian players or managers to move directly between rivals.

Whether Zidane stays at Madrid is the big question. Conte looks well suited for that job.


@Cicero_Dandi will not be happy if Sarri gets the Chelsea job. I believe Sarri has never won a trophy in his long managerial career.


I couldn’t see it working out. Sarri is 59 and has never managed outside Italy - that’s very old to be thrust into English football. Up to 2015 he had never managed a big club and spent years as a journeyman managing small clubs.

Say what you want about Conte but he is a proven trophy winner.


Big Sam leaving Everton


Conte done a fantastic job with chelsea. Two seasons and one league. Not sure why people are so scathing.


It’s never been that big a deal for Tottenham for managers to move between inter city rivals. We had George Graham. When we wanted Keith Burkinshaw, we had no problem packing Terry Neill back off to Woolwich.

If we went for Conte instead of Ranieri to replace Pochettino this summer, we’d have even more recent title winning experience.

Working conditions under Miss Marina at Stamford Bridge seem to have been a big issue for Conte this season. Chairman Dan would be a pleasure to work for.


Andre Villas-Boas?