Managerial Merrygoround Thread


The cut of him and his team on Sunday was disgraceful.

He’s just hanging in praying for a pay off.


Absolutely. Another one onto the list.


Chelsea players have gotten their last five managers sacked.


You’d be mad to take the Chelsea job. Pochettino seems to have his heart set on it though, so let him at it.


If your ambitious you’ll be mad not to take it.


His biggest mistake was getting rid of Costa.


Costa wanted to leave.


A horrible cunt but Costa normally delivered on the pitch.

Morata doesn’t fancy the hustle and bustle of the Premier League, Costa relished in it.


He needed to be loved.


Former poster @Nembo_Kid and @The_Selfish_Giant wouldn’t agree with you there.


I hear Juve are interested in having him back. He’d probably do well but is not top half EPL standard


he is the best striker in the EPL by a distance.

If he doesn’t like life in England and hasn’t tried that’s immaterial


He’s not even the best striker that Chelsea have


you must have missed him starring in the champions league vs Munich and Madrid


Another EPL Runt on our hands it seems.


He’s scored more goals this season in the EPL than he managed in a single season in Serie A. The EPL is clearly a lower standard.


Conte has presided over an absolute disaster of a season with the squad he has,
It’s bloody brilliant to read the garbage here from lads who are just incapable of admitting they had it wrong :grin:



He will win the FA cup


Is that still a thing??


Costa is a great man and an outstanding footballer