Managerial Merrygoround Thread




Every chance mate that Conte will be at Spurs next season in a direct swap for Pochettino.


I hope Chairman Dan asks him to smarten himself up a bit.




I would imagine it would be an absolute pre-requisite from Chairman Dan. Conte has a very nice cut of a suit last season when he arrived and looked the part. He really let himself go this season. Track suit, unshaven and looking like he was on the sauce the night before.


Will you quit with the shite talk, Poch will not be leaving Spurs,
But if Conte was to take over I take back nothing, it bothers me very little who is the manager of a team that I ‘follow’


Not even Pochy could make Chelsea likeable.


All the soundbites from Pochettino in recent weeks and press coverage would suggest that he is leaving this summer.


We’ll see, I don’t think he’d leave for Cheksea, a bigger job possibly.
Levy knows he has a good thing in Poch, I’m certain he’ll move mountains to keep him.

I cannot understand your coolness towards the manager though


The voracious appetite for EPL tittle tattle on this site never ceases to amaze.


Bigger job possibly :sweat_smile: Five premier league titles and a champions league too in the past fifteen years. It’s a massive job compared to spurs.


Box office


Spurs are top dogs in London now mate. You’d be mad to take the Chelsea job but if Pochettino has his heart set on it, let him at it.


It’s chelsea, upstart and low rent, not a big job for a manager of that caliber,


Perfect job for Alan Pardew.


David Moyes gone


To Everton ??




Sam gone also, I’d missed that.


Tuchel to PSG