Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Sarri out. Ancelotti in.


Sarri to Chelsea ??


Gary Rowett to Stoke. A good appointment by them it would appear.

St Mirren boss to Sunderland.

Frank De Boer linked to Swansea incredibly.


Hard to know. The big thing for Chelsea would they would be required to pay Conte off with 9m and Chelsea are currently going through a period of austerity.

Conte is quite happy to sit for the next 12 months as there are no jobs out there to tempt him.


I’d say the big boys are queuing up to employ the most underachieving manager in the premier league



The guy who lost a Premier League title to Leicester?


Conte, but you know that

Pochettino has overachieved every year


He overachieved when he lost a title to Leicester?

Pochettino is a nonachiever, nevermind an overachiever.


Sean Dyche?


Yes, only a fool wouldn’t consider a third place finish an achievement for a little club like spurs,


You’re saying Seán Dyche is an underachiever?


Why are you lying Spurs are one of the richest clubs in Europe. They just happen to be a club associated with numerous bottle jobs.


Spurs should be finishing 6th, anything above is overachieving, don’t be such a gobdaw


Sean Dyche is an overachiever. He’s worked miracles on a soccer shoestring at Burnley.


But why did you put him forward as an underachiever?


Your expectations are in line with your own employers, you dossbag.


Is it true that this veteran Italian manager Sarri that’s now linked with the Chelsea job has never won a trophy in his long managerial career?


Are you back on the dole mate. You’re posting as much during work hours as ever before. If you need a few quid for anything let me know


I work mate. I don’t have the time to be reading everything on the Internet all day like you.


You have time to post all day everyday, it’s a handy number you have obviously
Anyway what’s with the deflection?