Managerial Merrygoround Thread


I only post a tiny fraction of the posts you read every day. It clear I’m the honest working man here. You wouldn’t know a day’s work if it jumped up and took a nibble out of you.


You’re posting throughout the working day every single day, it was gas the way you tried to stop for a while after our last exchange :rofl:


What I post throughout the day is only a irrelevant fraction as to what you read on here throughout the working day. You’re an Internet addict, you cheat the taxman and your employer.


It’s easy (if a little weird) to hide what you read, impossible however to hide all the posts that you cannot help yourself from contributing all through your every workday.
Why are you deflecting though, can’t you respond to my points?


How the fuck do you no how to hide what you have read and what kind of sicko would ever want to hide what they have read on here?


Exactly mate


The two lads should take this exchange to PMs


I’m not available while he’s at his peak posting time mate, some of us have a days work to do


Or up their game. An injection of creativity and vitriol would help


Rowett will be off as soon as he sees perceived better job. That’s why he got sacked from Birmingham. Told them to double his money or he’s off. They caved the first time but the second time he went to the board , they gave him the bullet.


Your employer was significantly cheated today


You of all people making that quip


You consistently cheat the state.


Dont get it?


Pochettino has signed a new five year contract with Tottenham.


@GeoffreyBoycott will be disappointed with that


I’d doubt it really, I’d assume it was all a ruse of some sort.

There was no chance that Poch was or is going anywhere except Madrid or Barca, Chelsea is a basket case


They’re well matched, an underachiever with an underachieving club.


Poch will be at spurs a long time if he’s waiting on Barca and Real.


I’d very much doubt that.