Managerial Merrygoround Thread


2.5 million a year


Geoff doesn’t rate Pochettino. That’s why I said he’d be disappointed with it


I know he was saying that but he’s no fool really


Pochettino has already said he won’t ever manage Barca


Mr Abramovich will be disappointed if the widespread reports that he was his first choice for Chelsea were correct.

Us Spurs fans will just get behind our manager, who ever he is.

#2387 :joy::joy:


I’m morto
Well done @the_man_himself, you’ve made @AppleCrumbled’s day, the poor chap can’t manage his own clampings but nice to see him enjoying others


I thought you wanted Pochettino gone mate?


I’m not in the business of calling for managers to be sacked mate. Here’s what I said on the subject back on 27 January and then on 21 April (the day of the FA Cup semi final defeat).


Ya not sure why he is seen as a prick?

He has done alot for his home place

Seems like a very ordinary guy


Opting to play for Spain instead of his native Brazil?


He has consistantly got the volume of training wrong.

This extra training lark is grand for small windows, but they seem to wear it like a badge of honour when it is often wiser to rest.

Top players injured for some big games if I remember correctly


They do not give a fuck in his city and is revered there and nd many support Spain because of him.

Now obviously folklore and rumour bit it’s said he put more money into the area in one year than the Brazilian government.

He was going back there playing pick up games while off.

A folk hero essentially

You cannot defend irish rugby on one level and criticise this then though



I also want to put on record that I will never manage Barcelona


Pellegrini is on £10m a year at the London Stadium



Lampard to Derby with JT as his assistant


Just missed out on promotion, I know lets appoint someone with absolutely zero managerial experience. That’ll surely get us over the line


It was going to Glasgow Rangers to work with Strevie G earlier on today…


Derby are a joke of a club the amount of managers they’ve been through.


Zidane has stepped down as coach of Real Madrid.