Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Poch ?? @GeoffreyBoycott


Arsene Wenger is looking for a start


If we could get Bale and Modric in return at a good price, I’d nearly drive him there myself.


Smart move. He’d probably have been sacked half way through next season


I’d say he looked at Ronaldo and Bales antics after the final, combined with Ronaldos agents looking for a bigger contract at his age and thought, fuck this for a game of soldiers.

He’ll have the French job by the end of the summer.


I’d say there’s a good chance Zidane will never manage again.

He inherited a unique set of circumstances and was uniquely placed to make the most of it by virtue of who he was - by being Zidane - basically doing little except clapping his hands and being easy going. That created a better spirit at Madrid than any manager had created since Del Bosque, who utilised the same easy going style over collections of gifted individuals. Ancelotti is another one who uses a similar personality style.

He would find it very difficult to do that at another club and his management style doesn’t strike me as being transferable. The French job is the only one I could see him have a go at in future for the same reasons he was a success at Real Madrid - a collection of gifted individuals who need somebody to keep the egos from running out of control and create a good spirit.

I couldn’t see him at Juventus or Bayern Munich or a Premier League team.


Ancelotti built a good career out of similar qualities


Ancelotti has a similar personality style but he has more tactical knowledge. He wasn’t a great player like Zidane and didn’t command instant respect and had to build up his managerial credibility. What Zidane had that was rare among great players who have gone into management was a very easy going personality that fitted the group of players he had perfectly. Nearly all the other great or very good players who have managed have had very controlling personalities. That sort of personality never works at Madrid because the ethos of the club is about stars and egos. He was able to strike the right balance - he wasn’t controlling, but his status meant the players had respect for him.


Any job he likes I’d say.


Perfect for Conte @backinatracksuit @Nembo_Kid


Cracking post. He was uniquely qualified to deal with the egos at Real Madrid and because he was such a good player himself they respected him. Likewise the fans. I’d say he knows this himself and said he’d walk away before it went to shit. Don’t think he really had a proper falling out with anybody over the course of two and a half seasons which is something else at real. Look at the frequency the likes of conte, klopp, Jose, poch and pep fall out with their best players.


Would you want one? He’s not short on money you’d imagine and he’s done it all now as a player and a coach. Maybe the French job would appeal alright for obvious reasons but other than that why bother


Their manner would be far too intense for Real Madrid.

Allegri would be a very good choice for them if they could get him, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see them go back for Ancelotti.

Deschamps might be a contender.

Wenger is second favourite. That would be fascinating but I can’t see that happening.

Failing all that they might go for an internal appointment. Guti or Santiago Solari.


I don’t think wenger or deschamps would get the same respect from the players.


I wonder is this why both managers have brilliant european records but poor records in domestic leagues overall.


Zidane doesn’t appear the type who craves a “fix” at all. He took eight years after retiring to go into any sort of management and even then the top job was sort of thrust upon him because they had nobody else.

I could easily see him happily fulfilling the next 20 years doing handy ambassadorial gigs and picking balls out of a bowl and sheepishly grinning at inoffensive banter from the UEFA President at Champions League draws.


Are Real Madrid training sessions open to the public?


No doubt some of those lads at fault, but I would say agents are the big issue there most of the time


I’d say Zidane and his laid back style is more likely to end up managing someone like La Galaxy or New York Red Bulls than the likes of a Man United or Bayern Munich.


Achieved more in 2 1/2 years than Ferguson did in 30 years