Managerial Merrygoround Thread

Palace are dour enough already

Very true. But this might be a step too far even for them.

All they have to do is be better than 3 other teams. But they’ve been pretty woeful this season. I’ve not looked but who has the worst run in down there?

Their run in has them playing all 8 of the teams down there currently below them in the table.

The only play Arsenal, spurs and Fulham from the top half.

New manager bounce if they can get someone in for the trip to Arsenal on Sunday :rofl:

They could get a right pumping there. But they have a couple of weeks to clear their heads after it.

They need to get Dougie back

Paddy chased from Palace would have headlined better.

By God.

Cunts will play out of their skins Sunday :tired_face:

They’ve still fuck all firepower

FAO of the FAI and any other interested parties:

Will Still:
30 years old, the youngest manager in Europe’s major leagues.
Born and grew up in Belgium, of English parentage.
Manager of Reims since October last year.
Unbeaten in 17 Ligue 1 games.
Does not have a UEFA Pro Licence and Reims get fined €25,000 every time they play with him as manager because of this.
Previously managed Beerschot in Belgium for 60 days and took 21 out of 27 points before having to give up the post under Belgian League rules.

Great call by Doogie

Viera was unwinding the Roy Hodgson style at Palace. Now they go back to him.

Hodgson :joy:

Football really is a soap opera

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This fella is being linked to West Ham this morning.

Clubs threatened with relegation go mad around this time of the season. Basically looking for the ‘Di Canio effect’ - a new manager bounce to keep them up when it makes no sense in the long term.

I hope they go down as I think Viera was treated very shabbily.