Managerial Merrygoround Thread



Not going well for Fat Head Bruce.

Must be close enough to the sack at this rate, the transfers under him have been really bizarre.


It’s almost unbelievable how bad things are. So many overpaid primadonnas . Hard grafters is what was needed in January.


Zola might not be long after him.


Owen Coyle sacked by Blackburn.


Burnley, Bolton and Blackburn are all on his CV so possibly Blackpool next.


Fotf Steve Kean to return?


Bury another possibility.




Is that Brighton, Lancashire?


Ah, I see what you did there.



It’s all downhill for Owen.



If we are going to be pedantic. Bolton is in greater Manchester not Lancashire.


Cricket county boundaries trump local government .


So is Bury, mate.


I’d like to see Owen Coyle take up a role as a Barclays brand ambassador now after yet another failure in football management.

I think that’s the least they owe him.


So it was doubly incorrect of you to imply mbb had missed the pattern of Lancashire clubs?

Vindication for @myboyblue and severe embarrassment for @Sidney is the order of the day it seems


Take that @locke



The historic county of Lancashire encompasses the local government areas of Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

As far as I’m aware it doesn’t encompass East Sussex.

A novice mistake from you. Next you’ll be telling me Middlesex doesn’t exist.