Manchester United 17/18


Bring it on Liverpool cunts.


yeah , look i hear you on that
he was Chelsea’s main man last season- he’s bailed Maureen out here big time tho
its set up ok for Mourinho now, put 11 men in the box and take a 0-0 against one of his main top 4 rivals at the weekend and surely they can manage to grind out a 1-0 against a woeful sevilla outfit.
all will be right with mourinho’s world i imagine come next tuesday evening


I don’t think that’s a thing anymore mate,


In it’s own way it’s a greater achievement than the time they came from 2-0 down to beat Juventus 3-2.


United never feared Liverpool


You’re old enough to know better


Don’t envy Liverpool having to face them on Saturday. I’d say you’re a worried man.


Whatever happens I know football will be the winner, as it always is any time Liverpool and Manchester United play each other.


Fair comment . They will go through versus an average Sevilla side . If they get a decent draw they could be in semi final . At that juncture they have a real chance . Worse teams have won it .


Who are the worse teams that won the European Cup?


Gutted, but Champion Managers find a way.


Always great to win playing poorly especially from 2 down. Matics strike was unreal. Nice way to head into the Liverpool game on Saturday winning that at the death.


I can’t defend Pogba any more. He’s a celebrity, not a footballer. Fergie knew. If PSG offer £40m in the summer take it.

De Gea the difference again. He must be worth £380m in today’s inflated market.

Cracking result to be 0-2 down, playing abysmally but still grab the three points.


Might just have to settle for wrapping up the league against Spurs at the Empire Stadium.


Sanchez and Pogba together doesnt seem to work at all. Both were as poor as each other tonight.

As overweight as Shaw looked…he was more comfortable than Young on the left when he came on.


What time is the game Saturday? I’ve missed the last two meetings between the clubs.


Liverpool 2005


I would also like to hear the answer to this


Behind ya kid


Its the lunchtime kickoff, mate.