Manchester United 17/18


Bollox… I’m out door to door with the party.


The priority is 2.30pm in Salthill the following day anyway mate.




They had a proper manager mate


Correct and right.


Sanchez had a mare but he was trying to make things happen.

Pogba - or Jogba as he is increasingly becoming known - just ambled around. Deservedly dropped a few weeks ago, you’d think he’d be busting a gut to prove a point. Not a hope. Playing Hollywood passes, the daft hair cuts, the dabbing, the cringy dances, the lack of effort - I’ve seen enough. A fraud.


The high volume of ABU traffic on a United thread suggests otherwise.


This is a very quiet thread mate,


Fergie knew his head wasnt right for sure. Selling shirts wont be enough if he doesnt get his act together soon though. Could excuse poor form if he was working hard, tracking back, getting tackles in etc.


Ulster in 1999?


I note you’re in the top 5 for post count. Big United fan mate?


Agreed. Ulster won in 1999 the year English clubs boycotted. It’s a win that has the same devalued currency as European Cup soccer wins 1986-91.


I suppose then to identify the weakest European Cup winners in association football you’d be looking at a team from that ban era, probably Steaua Bucharest in 1986. Like Manchester United, their star player was their goalkeeper, Helmuth Duckadam, who saved four penalties in the crucial penalty competition in the final against Terry Venables’ Barcelona. Coincidentally, that final took place in the home ground of Sevilla, who Manchester United face next week.

The richest team in the world will be hoping David De Gea proves to be their Helmuth Duckadam.


Ulster’s win in 1999 should not be devalued . The English clubs chose not to play and that is not ulster’s fault . I think the attitude of belittling their great win in paradoxically both partitionist and dare I say a little sectarian .


The English were such a loss to the European Cup in soccer that an English team didn’t win it again until 8 years after the ban expired


Just looking at the 1985/86 European Cup there.
The eight quarter finalists were Steau Bucharest, Barcelona, Anderlecht, Kuusysi Lahti, Gothenburg, Aberdeen, Juventus and Bayern Munich. It truly was a proper European competition back then with a great variety and geographical spread of teams.


The changes they’ve made to the competition for next season make it even more of a closed shop.


Is it four spots between 32 teams in the preliminary qualifiers now?


Thought it went from 10 to 8. 4 for the champions of weaker leagues and 4 for the third/fourth place teams from stronger leagues, as opposed to 5 and 5 now. Think the 2 spots freed up have gone directly to the elite super coterie of leagues.


Am I right in saying that if Celtic win the SPL this season they will have 4 rounds to negotiate to reach the group stages !!!