Manchester United 17/18


Correct, the English teams were a huge loss. In the 9 seasons before the ban, English clubs won it it 7 out of 8 times from 1977-84 and possibly should have been 8 out of 9 but for a penalty incorrectly awarded to Juventus in the 1985 final. The 6 year absence and the relaxation of the Johnny Foreigner rule were two hammer blows for English football.


You are correct.

Great finish by Lukaku tonight.


What the fuck is this all about?


They’ll beat Seville easily.


Steaua Bucharest.


difficult question to answer
Porto in 2004 i think stand out with maybe Liverpool in 2005


Liverpool in 2005 beat the Italian champions Juventus and English champions Chelsea on the way to beating probably the leading club side of the time AC Milan*

  • Didi Hammann made this point on a recent Eamonn Dunphy podcast


You had to bite didnt you.


That was a very average Liverpool side but had some quality — the fact they got back to the final two years later might stand in their favour. Belgrade were scutter… Man Utd’s 99 team were terrible in Europe despite dominating at home for years - they really lucked out that year and didnt get near a final again - Porto played 11 behind the ball for every game.


I just heard the podcast this morning so my amagydala over rode the more cerebral part of my brain


What year was it when Liverpool fans mudered all the Juventus fans? Who won the European cup that year?


RS Belgrade were a phenomenally talented team . They went negative in the final . I remember them utterly dismantling Souness’ rangers that season and they were brilliant .


i have been watching European cup finals since 1987 so after the Murderpool era of the 80’s
the concept that English teams not in europe from 86-91 devalued the European cup is not really valid as the point was made that it took until 99 for an english club to get to a final, remember in 1992/93 rangers put leeds out over 2 legs and came close to winning the thing - that was a great team tho they had
that was an unreal united side in 2008, they best they ever had imho of my time watching them
whilst the red star OM final in 91 was boring- that was still an excellent red star side who were brilliant from 89-92
for me it Porto in 04 or dortmund in 97


0/0 at the weekend looks a great bet at 13/2


Stop – They played no one really - Swiss crowd, fucking Rangers - Munich were poor enough back then - was that when Norwich and Cork rattled them? They Put 11 men in their own box for the final.


Porto 1987 were a complete fluke and had an unbelievably handy run to the final.


i think norwich beat them over 2 legs in 93/94 UEFA cup
Jeremy Goss was unreal

Dave Barry scored v Munich in 1991 - that was some cork city team - they almost beat galtasaray a year later


Wouldn’t it be great to go back to the days when Eastern European countries could put out a decent club side.


Very very good question, The match you’re thinking of was 1985, mate. Juventus of Italy won the European cup that year.
Glad i could be of assistance. :+1:


Had Milan won in 2005 they would have been considered one of the best teams to have won it.