Manchester United 17/18


If your aunt had balls.


You are looking through a champions league prism , pre utter globalization of the sport and the utter dominance of money . Back then Souness’ rangers were near outspending English teams , Bayern were the champions of Germany and Marseilles were moneybags .


You’re recalling from behind a vail of misty eyed romanticism, a time when everything was supposedly better…


That AC team was actually unreal. Didi in goals, Cafu, Nesta, Stam, Maldini as a back four :heart_eyes: Costacurta as a sub as well.
Pirlo, Gattusso, Seedorf, Kaka in midfield with Shevchenko & Crespo upfront.

And then a Liverpool team with the likes of Djimi Troaré, Luis Garcia and Milan Barós (with Cissé coming on) took home the medals. It’s a funny old game.


But everything was better then mate. Luis Figo killed football when he crossed the divide to join the royalists. That was the end of the beautiful game.


Melchester Rovers never had it easy against those crack Eastern European sides, and they’d have to put up with cold showers and shitty airplanes as well


Communism wasn’t all bad.


What made it even more bizarre was to see Italians surrender so meekly.


Italians never surrender. They just change sides.


The greatest final of all time.



No I am not .


A trip to Eastern Europe was fraught back then though. Liverpool won 4 European Cups between 1977-84. In that 1977-84 era Liverpool also exited to Dinamo Tblisi, CSKA Sofia and Widzez Lodz


Sky doing some hyping of Man U v Liverpool on Saturday to see who can narrow the gap with Man City to something like 13 points


The shittiest fixture of the season every year.


A throwback to bygone days when both were big clubs. Its quite sweet actually.


Big Rom dominating. Two for Marcus rashford.


Always rated that kid


He got his game today and scored two.


Always rated that kid