Manchester United 17/18


Lucky bot to be sent off, disgraceful refereeing


Great day, always great to see the murderers sent packing


What did he do?


He’s a gas man.


The only man who understands the clubs current position. A realist. He is the man who can resurrect the club. But he needs time and patience.


And an FA Cup.


Winning the 1990 FA Cup saved Fergie’s job . The FA Cup can be a springboard for Jose and Man United .


Absolutely. And proper financial backing as well.



Barney Ronay in today’s Guardian

“Once, and once only, Fellaini found himself in space in a forward position, taking a return pass from Jesse Lingard and hammering a shot in the general direction of Sergio Rico’s goal with all the refined finishing instinct of a man punting a medicine ball through a swamp.”



The win against Liverpool banked Jose some good will - talks of schooling Klopp and all that lark — Two hoof balls exploited a very poorly regarded Liverpool defence - he then played all 11 players behind the ball – grand he got the 3 points but when that performance was almost echoed at home to a piss poor Sevilla in a tie to get through to the last 8 of the Champions League – there is no excuse for that – Liverpool hat off — that’s simply not good enough for a club like Manchester United — Liverpool hat back on ---- I hope he sticks around for a long time.


It was a master stroke from George Klopp to lull Mourinho and Man U into a false sense of security last Saturday. He’s mugged them off good and proper.


The passion from Graeme Souness and @Robert_Emmet on the failings of Man Yoo is very heartening to see. Last night cut them deeply.


That’s a bit unfair. It was a decent shot from a very tough angle off his weaker foot after he had made the chance himself with a decent 1-2. Nobody would have complained if it was Rashford hitting it


I believe some united fans placed a win over the third place team in the Premier League, over a win in the knockout stages of the Champions League.


They judge themselves against Liverpool


Closing the gap with man city to 13 points albeit for 48 hours is worthy of celebration.


George Hamilton and Ronnie Whelan.


George was never much of a midfielder


And Ronnie was never much of a co-commentator.