Manchester United 17/18


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Sanchez transfer has been a disaster so far. Some of us maintained he was done and it appears to be that way so far but it’s only been 10/11 games … Pogba is a joke …the manager needs to sort that out now -


Sanchez will be fine. He’s played an International tournament every summer since the last World Cup. He’s just wrecked


IMO opinion it’s 1/3 him being done, 1/3 him playing every summer for the last 4 years and 1/3 him playing in a dull, reactive, deep lying team when his previous club sides largely all focused on combination play and pressing hard in the opposition half.

It’s an indictment on Mourinho. Still obsessed with nullifying perceived opposition threats as if it was 2008. All the best managers nowadays are masters of their own destiny - Rodgers, Klopp, Guardiola, Sampaoli. Dominate the ball in the opposition half and dominate the game.


Rodgers is playing against pub teams. His tactics against good teams haven’t been a masterclass by and large.



Bayern Munich and Zenit St Petersburg at home this season were tactical masterclasses.


While I’m not a huge fan of the Director of Football concept, if any club needs one it’s Manchester United.

Since Ferguson left they seem to have had no strategy at all for signing players - it just seems to be “oh, he’s expensive and high profile, he’ll do”.

What signings have they made since 2013 that could be deemed to be a genuine success? Ibrahimovic is the only one. But he was only ever going to be a short term option.

Di Maria, Falcao, Depay, Shaw, Darmian, Schweinsteiger, Mikhitaryan and Schneiderlin were or have been disasters. Sanchez is looking like he’s going to go the same way.

Rojo, Blind and Fellaini have hardly been much better. Pogba isn’t working out.

Then there have been a few who have been passable but not set the world on fire by any means - Mata, Martial, Herrera, Bailly, Matic. Lukaku has not been an unqualified success either.

The players who have been performing for them are solid pros who were already at the club like Valencia, Young and De Gea, and players who came through the ranks with something to prove like Rashford and Lingard. Players who either were already at the club or came through the ranks.

Manchester United’s transfer activity over the last five years has been as bad as any major club I can ever recall. There seems to be no long term vision at all, only short termist delusion that they should be back to winning everything immediately because they have loads of money.


That’d be fine if they weren’t two legged affairs. Rodgers is clueless in Europe.


Very good post, mate.


Did a number on Anderlecht over the two games to become the only 4th seed to finish above their seeding. Manchester United should be knocking down his door.


Fingers crossed.


Leipzig, Sporting Lisbon and CSKA Moscow were all fourth seeds too


Your facts aren’t needed here.


Always thinking ahead, top top club.


Have they tried the little flags like Chelsea did?


They’re going to hand out song sheets so the fans can join in the singing.

A fan representative at the forum also suggested song sheets could be handed out to supporters to encourage more fans to join in




Just like old times as the league is wrapped up at Old Trafford.