Marine le Pen


No mate, nothing like that. That was a private conversation between two guys engaging in locker room talk. How many men do you think would pass the test if every private conversation they had with another guy was recorded?

The real question is where are all these women who accused him in the run up to the election? Could it possible be they were lying to help Hillary or does your mental ability to add 2 +2 not extend that far.


I’d imagine they’re probably dead.


This private conversation between two guys, in front of a camera, for a TV show? How many of your private conversations are being filmed publicy?
And I’m not sure what kind of drongo social circles you hang around it, but the conversations I have about women with my mates don’t include that kind of pretty disgusting language. You should learn some respect for women.
A trump supporter lecturing on morality. You could not make it up.


Oh look, it’s Nembo Kid being a racist again.


No it wasn’t you jackass. I’m not defending it, I’m telling you what actually happened. It wasn’t on live TV, they were on their way to a live TV event and their mikes were hot. It was a private conversation caught on a hot mike. Yes it was disgusting misogyny and he apologized for it, the American people in their great wisdom forgave him.

Again, sounds like you believe every bit of nonsense you read rather than doing a small bit of thinking for yourself.


The Sean Spicer routine is getting terribly old now Labane. You just defended the horrible misogynist bastard.


Are you hard of seeing?
I just said it was disgusting misogyny while also correcting your mistaken view that the comment was made publicaly on live TV. Not defending it, just giving it context, a concept I suspect you are unfamiliar with.


No, sorry, I think you’re defending it Sean.


What you think is irrelevant when you can’t get the basic facts right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not their own facts, far too much opinion nowadays is based on imaginary facts.


Careful up there Fitzy


Voting is reportedly proceeding “steadily” in today’s second round of the French Presidential election.

This is in contrast to 2012 when it proceeded “briskly”.


Exit polls predicting a big win for Macron.



A victory for common sense.


A victory for a banker who is a pretend politician and a deviant


I hope he is less useless than Hollande.


Fixed that for you


By all accounts Le Pen’s performance in Wednesday’s TV debate was car crash stuff. As well a being a vile fascist boot, she appears to be completely inept at the basics of politics such as debating and campaigning, and the more people see of her, the more they dislike her. Her policies about the Euro and EU are also completely half-baked and she has been rolling back on those. But she did let slip in the debate that “a bombshell” was about to launched against Macron. She’s so useless she couldn’t even keep schtum on what the Russians told her was coming. And that “bombshell” was about as damaging as a marshmallow thrown at a brick wall. The Macron team were well ahead of the trolls.

Le Pen is basically an INTERNET troll running for political office. She’d be best off going back to Stormfront or whatever cesspit she uses as an echo chamber now. Europe’s so called “fascist spring” has been an unmitigated failure and more unmitigated failure awaits them in Germany in the autumn.


He is s Rotchschild alumni but I fully take your point .


Does he like Daft Punk ??