Marine le Pen


That’s always how it is. The people who are at most risk of terrorism reject the bigots (London, New York etc.). And it’s the cunts living out in the back arse of nowhere that make out they need protection.

It just shows that the terrorism has fuck all to do with it really. They just want a chance to vote for someone who’s as racist as they are.


Macron will win 53 to 47


I don’t agree with that. The vast majority of Melenchon supporters will not transfer to Le Pen, in the same way as the vast majority of Sanders supporters did not transfer to Trump.


I don’t think the vast majority will either. I suspect a significant number will though, possibly a small majority. Admittedly I haven’t checked this too closely, but I’m working on the assumption that Melanchon support isn’t quite as youth driven as Sanders was.

As a matter of interest, that Midwest primary Sanders won out of nowhere (Minnesota or possibly Wisconsin I think?). Was there any analysis of where that vote went? Genuine question. I presume that was more of an old school blue collar vote than the Sanders vote at large?


Immediate post first round polls indicate Melenchon’s support will transfer to Macron at somewhere between 51 and 62%, with Le Pen getting between 9 and 22% of it.

Projected abstentions among Melenchon voters are currently running at 23 to 36%.

Le Pen will need to drive this abstention rate up as high as possible but even still, I just don’t see where she gets near the amount of votes she needs, as all other main candidates’ support looks like it will transfer to Macron in considerably higher numbers.

Michigan was the primary that Sanders won unexpectedly. Obviously given that Clinton lost the state by 11k votes in November, any Sanders votes that went to Trump were damaging to her, but the point holds that few Sanders supporters backed Trump - a poll in the last week estimated that just 8% would do so.


The funniest thing is if the Socialists (who had no chance) had pulled Hamon with a week to go Melenchon & Macron would have been first past the post, the centre right & hard right would have been defeated and a proper socialist would be in the run off vs a wishy washy one. Indeed both Melenchon & Macron are former Socialist party members themselves (splitters).
Instead of bitterly opposing the likes of Fillon & Le Pen (in particular) they took the line of calling on the party faithful not to desert Hamon, even if he couldn’t win, because if they didn’t get over 5% they wouldn’t have their election expenses refunded and would be in big trouble financially.
I think that tells you all you need to know about politics in general really.


will we see the irish left wing brigade who are staunchly anti EU, anti Troika, anti bailout and blame the ills of the nation on FF / FG row in between the pro EU candidate like they did with the remain campaign last June?

or like all left wing movements will they be giggling away under the duvet if Le Pen wins like they were when Trump , Farage were victorious so they can come out and call the electorate racist?


Will we be seeing the former resident of Israel with the Muslim wife rowing in behind the anti-semitic and anti-Muslim candidate, mate? :wink:


i am staunchly pro capitalist, pro EU, pro globalisation
i wouldnt be a Le Pen supporter at all

im cant speak for anyone else tho


jesus christ this macron is some pervert/deviant


I read an opinion piece on the guardian that said he might be gay and she’s his fag hag.


I heard on the radio that she’s really his mother.


Don’t mind him, what about the cunt who pursued him and stole him away from her own daughter who was his age? The French are some crowd of weirdos if they allow these sick cunts inhabit the Elysee Palace.


What the fuck are you on about ? This is the essence of being French


MLP came up with some quote during the debate . Said the election is about which woman rules France , her or Merkel .


Does he not qualify for the normal french thing of marrying a Munter but having a fantastic piece of tail as a mistress


His mistress has a pair of balls


He’s riding a Munster rugby player? Tell us more, another TFK scoop.


A bit like allowing someone into the White House who publicly tells people he likes to grabs women “by the pussy”?


Oh look, it’s Fisty on his high horse again.