Marine le Pen


Le Pen barely scraped 30%, she got 30.04% of the turnout, on the lowest turnout for decades.

She was crushed among all age groups.


I think David McWilliams thought she’d win, though, so she can take consolation from that.


How many votes did her father get years ago?


Macron has crushed the French Nazi. He will crush May next.


Certainly true about British servitude to the US. They have admitted on several occasions that if the US want to go to war then they have no choice but to join them if they’re told. I don’t know what version of independence they’re imagining, but it doesn’t count for a lot when another country can order them off to war.


Macron seems like a bit of an empty shirt to me. A kick the can down the road sort of candidate. Time will tell. At least the disaster of a Le Pen presidency has been avoided. For now.


If Macron doesn’t work out , then what . If FN have a brighter leader , not called Le Pen who knows .


The problem he has is that over half the votes he got were people who just didn’t want Le Pen. He’ll get one term tops


I don’t think many argue multi culturalism is nirvana. But it’s better than the alternatives, apartheid or segregation. Most of the rest of your views are mainstream in France at least, I’m not sure why you think that Le Pen is the one you agree with. Of course integrating people takes investment, something the west hasn’t been good at doing for people. “Forcibly integrated” is an eyebrow raising turn of phrase though,


The obvious reverse implication to @flattythehurdler’s words is that ethnically homogenous mono-culturalism is “nirvana”.

Which is obviously nonsense, and also goes against pretty much the entirety of human existence and experience, and is basically a call to turn back the tide of human progress.

The phrase “forcibly integrated” is downright scary, carrying extremely unpleasant and threatening overtones as it does.


I’m going to call it now. Macron will be a superb president.


On the basis he isn’t beholden to established parties and their generations of cunts and hangers-on, then the road is open for him to do something.

And he leans towards the hun and a more integrated EU.


Some of them appear to be jumping ship .


Fuck me sid, this is lame even by your of late sorry standards.


:joy: :joy:


Again, the lack of self awareness of their place in the world is really really really funny.


I’m amused at this so called “hard line” the UK media are whipping up about the EU taking.

This is really simple stuff.

If you want to be part of the EU or the single market or the customs union, you adhere to the rules.

If you don’t want to adhere to the rules, you can’t be part of it, because then there would be no point in the existence of the EU or the single market or the customs union.

Simple as.


It is as simple as. As is the disparity in power on the two sides of the bargaining table. But they reckon that by “taking a hard line” or being a “bloody difficult woman” they can berate the other side into giving them what they want. It’s really really comical.


Marion Le Pen is quitting politics.


Is the a Marienne in the Le Pen clan .


Macron’s party has won 351 seats out of 577 in the French parliamentary elections.

Le Pen’s FN won just 8.

En Marche has officially changed its name to “La Republique En Marche”, abbreviated to “La REM”.

Ms. Le Pen may feel that France is losing her religion and that it’s the end of the world as she knows it, but a majority of people clearly feel fine about that.