Marine le Pen


The two rounds of voting mitigate against her, but I wouldn’t rule her out.
Another terrorist attack between now and then could change everything.


I can’t see the French turning out in volume to vote for a Thatcherite. The reality is that Le Pen is closer to the mark on economic questions, even if she has little or no detail. The ‘centre left’ still hasn’t figured out that market fundamentalism is dead. Economic nationalism is where it’s at and Le Pen is positioned right in that spot.

She could also blow up the euro which is getting more and more popular everywhere outside of Germany.


a real feminist .


Good for Madame Le Pen. Why should she cover herself in a veil because some gobshite cleric demands it. For those morons saying she should respect their culture, subjugating women is not a culture worthy of respect.


Marine means business


Has Ms. Le Pen realised the hypocrisy of her stance?

If you’re going to demand that people coming to your country “conform to the values and culture” (whatever that is), it’s completely hypocritical to then go to somebody else’s country, arrange a meeting with them and then refuse to conform to their culture and kick up a fuss about it.

That’s not a comment on the value of any culture, it’s merely pointing out the complete hypocrisy of her stance.


There is that.
This is true. I had presumed from Labane post that she had refused to wear one in France.
When in Rome and all that v


Would she wear a mantilla to meet the pope?


In 1993, as a child, I was refused entry to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome because I was wearing a pair of shorts (the long ones that come down almost as far as the knees). They have a rule that anybody wearing shorts will not be allowed in.

Like a fool, I just came back the next day wearing a pair of trousers.

Given that I now realise I was the victim of a heinous injustice (at least I do since I read the story concerning Ms. Le Pen), I must write to her and see if she’ll publicise my case. I’ll be demanding compensation for emotional distress, and will also be expecting that figure to include 23 and a half years’ interest. It should keep me in Tuborg and smokes for years.


Don’t think she can do anything for you chief. She’s French. Rome is in Italy and the basilica is part of the Vatican. Try Franky . He might be able to sort something out


She’s an MEP so I’m sure she’ll be able to do something before she takes France out of the EU.


Ah yeah but the Vatican isn’t. You’ll have to go straight to Franky


Frank controls the Holy C, not the Holy See.


She’s not a real marine. She has no military training whatsoever.


This is my country. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My country is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my country is useless. Without my country, I am useless.


I thought it was just the Cork county board he puppet mastered.


The when in Rome argument is a load of bollox in this instance.

Women in any civilized country should not be expected, not to mind forced, to conform to 7th century customs that symbolize their treatment as slaves. The argument from Muslins is that Muslim women choose to wear these garments. What about Muslim women who choose not to? You do know how they are treated in strict Muslim countries I assume? Respect their culture? I suppose if you are OK with stoning women to death (and many have been, and murdered by other means or gang raped for their insolence).

As for the nonsense hypocrisy argument from @Sidney, Michelle Obama declined to wear a veil when visiting Saudia Arabia in 2015. She was hailed as standing up for western values and women’s rights. Go figure.


Michelle Obama didn’t “decline to wear a veil” when she visited Saudi Arabia. She wasn’t asked and dressed as she normally would without a problem. The Saudis are alright with every other female politician who visits doing the same. That’s why Laura Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Angela Merkel all dressed like they normally would when they went there. So what’s the problem?

Lebanese women don’t have to wear headscarves, by the way. They can dress as they like.

Le Pen clearly sought out this meeting, most likely to create this exact situation for publicity purposes. And yes, it is hypocrisy.

She preys on fear-mongering dummies like you, and you willingly take the bait hook, line and sinker.


these savages should be made take off the towels off their head in Europe if that is the case of when in Rome


So you agree that people going to other countries should be forced to accept local customs whether they like them or not?